Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dear Kid Saturday

Welcome to this week's installment of Dear Kid Saturday. As always thanks to Christina of Cutest Kid Ever for the idea and inspiration. Christina wrote an amazing piece last week on raising kids with Asperger Syndrome - I highly recommend it to any mom who's felt like "the blind leading the blind."

And now this week's letter...

Dear Just-Myself,

You’ve informed me that you are no longer interested in being a dog, a princess, or even a fairy – you are just a girl and you would prefer to be addressed as such. A very interesting turnaround!

We had a nice week, didn’t we? Daddy had the day off on Monday, so we went to a hockey game. We used to take you to the Seattle Thunderbirds games when you were a baby. You thought the noise and lights were pretty fascinating, but eventually you didn’t want to be held for three hours and couldn’t really stay up so late anymore. Now that you’re older (and you get your own seat), you’re not really much of a sports person; but we thought we’d try it anyway – if anything, I figured you’d enjoy spending so much time with Daddy and that you’d think the “cheerleaders” were fabulous.

As it turns out, you’re quite the hockey fan! You kept track of the puck, asked lots of questions and led our group in chanting, “Let’s go, red!” You weren’t so much interested in the cheerleaders (that’s my girl!), but you did want to stand by the locker room door so you could high-five the players as they came out on their big tall skates with their giant padding. Very cool.

We spent lots of time rhyming and making up songs this week. In fact, you made up a poem for me. It goes:

I’m four!
I score!
A floor!
A door!

It’s just about the nicest poem I’ve ever heard.

You’ve also taken to calling me “Queen,” despite the fact that you are (and make no mistake about it) NOT a princess. I confess – I like it.

I’m not sure why, but you’re having a little separation anxiety lately. This week you’ve not wanted to spend much time with Daddy (“I want Mommy to read me my bedtime story!”); and you’ve told me that you missed me each time you’ve left the house. You always love school, but this week you made a big show of not wanting to go. And last night, when you got home from Grandma Tiny’s, you told me you were too homesick to have any fun. Hmmm…

We played a fun music game the other day when we were out getting groceries. We decided to only talk in music (it was very Gilbert and Sullivan, actually, although I’m sure you thought we were the first people to ever think of it). The rules were: no talking between musical phrases, AND no ending a phrase until you’ve made it rhyme with the previous one. Guess what? You were really good at it! Who knew we could make up such great songs about milk and paper towels?? You even added a little choreography.

In the “random” category, you’ve apparently become terrified of robots. You refuse to go upstairs by yourself and when I ask you why, you say, “Because I’ll feel like there’s a robot behind me!” Wow. Those evil, following robots, huh? Not sure how to handle this one. Maybe I’ll have to stage a robot extermination…

We’ve got lots of fun stuff in store for the week, little one. You’re going to a friend’s birthday party tomorrow, and get this! Your Barbies are invited! And next weekend Daddy’s taking you to your very first “Daddy’s Little Sweetheart” dance. I’m pretty sure you’re going to love it.

I love you, sweet girl.

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