Monday, October 6, 2008

Back in the Saddle

That's right, kids, I'm back in town and ready to rock. That is, of course, if your definition of "rock" includes cutting, glueing, folding, packing and shipping til your fingers fall off! Orders await, so I'll not hang out here talking (b*tching) about our road trip back from Minnesota. Actually, all things considered, our family did great last week - 2 days of relative quiet driving up, minimal complaining when our first hotel proved to be...uh... slightly less swanky than expected, a week of living together in a single room in a retirement home (yes, really) without significant incident, and then 2 days driving home. Nobody got sick, there were no serious discipline issues to deal with, and we managed to eat three meals a day at sit-down restaurants without breaking any dishes or even disturbing other diners (miraculous, right?).

While I was gone, I apparently missed another "front page moment!" Thanks to funkychicboutique, my IRL ("in real life," that is) Etsy pal for including me and for being so awesome as to make it to front page! Have you checked out Funky Chic Studio yet? Have a great Monday, all!

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FunkyChicStudio said...

Thanks Kelly! You are the greatest. Glad you are back safe, sound and sane :)