Friday, November 21, 2008

Another Totally Out of Character Food-Related Post

I know, I know. If I keep doing this, I can't keep calling it "out of character."

This week's Etsy Bloggers Blog Carnival topic is Thanksgiving, specifically our favorite Thanksgiving traditions. Since, for most of the last 10ish years, our extended family has been scattered about the United States and we never know where or with whom we'll be spending our Thanksgiving, I'll have to confess that we have.... well, zilch in the way of traditions. So I thought instead I'd share with you one of my mom's recipes - a simple, sweet and tangy fruit salad - that is one of my favorite parts of ANY family holiday.

Supremely retro, this particular frozen fruit salad has been a staple at holiday meals since I was a kid. Since there's nothing complicated involved, and I have a three-year-old who adores a) dumping things in a bowl and stirring, and b) marshmallows, we usually prepare this dish at our house for any family gathering. And if we can do it, you most certainly can too.

Beat the cream cheese til fluffy. Blend in sour cream, salt and sugar. Fold in (drained) fruit and marshmallows. Pour into freezer-appropriate pan and freeze overnight. Voila!

Quaint? Certainly. Yummy? You betcha. Tradition? For us, anyway.


Bare Bottoms Boutique said...

Sounds yummy!

pickleberries said...

That does sound good. Our traditional holiday food is: pumpkin, cherry & blueberry pies w/my gram's crust recipe and jellied cranberries carefully dumped from their can mold.

joeyandaleethea said...

I think our new tradition is visiting your blog before a holiday and snatching up a super yum recipe. Thank you! :)

storybeader said...

sounds real good. I can probably do that! Happy Thanksgiving!