Sunday, November 23, 2008


Is that not the very best name for an ezine ever?

By now you've probably noticed that I post a weekly profile entitled "Skwiggazine Blog Ring - Blog of the Week" and perhaps the thought "Whaaaaaaaa?" has crossed your mind. This week's Skwiggazine Blog of the Week is Skwiggazine itself (say that three times fast).

My intro to Skwiggazine was a Macaroni and Glue feature by fellow Etsyian and Fabulous Artistic Moms member, Corinne of Daydream Art Studio. An interactive zine and online community for the Indie set, Skwiggazine's mission is to inspire & promote each other. To do so, "we build, imagine, dream & we deliver a magnificent online zine." After poking around a bit, I decided to stay. Not only is the community welcoming and diverse, the magazine really does offer a bit of something for everyone Indie. Weekly features include:

♥ Everyday: In the Spotlight
This Month : Jewelry Artists
♥ Mondays: Poetry by Flory
♥ Tuesdays: Q & A by Annette Piper
♥ Wednesdays: Getting Ourselves Out There by Michelle Harvey
♥ Thursday: Peace Art by Hillbilly Artist
♥ Friday: Go Green by Lily Wrey
♥ Saturday: Interview Me
♥ Sunday: Sunday's Featured Seller by Ruthie

Is it for you? Just might be. Check it out and see what you think. We'd love for you to stay!


Waterrose said...

Skwiggazine looks great...think I'll go sign up!

Annette Piper said...

Thanks for being such a great new supporter of Skwiggazine!