Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dear Kid Sunday - Happy Birthday!

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Dear birthday girl,

Your party was a blast!! We had it at your gymnastics school. They had some big giant inflatables and we got to use all of their equipment. I think the parents had as much fun as the kids! You guys got to swing on the parallel bars, jump on all the big trampolines and throw yourselves into the pit. It was very cool. You were thrilled to see some of your friends from preschool, and I was really glad your best little girlfriend C and her family could come. We had pizza and cupcakes (which we made together yesterday morning - fun!), and you told me later it was the best birthday party you'd ever been to. Awesome.

Our week was pretty much devoted to party preparations and getting ready for our girls-only trip to see Mommy's friends next week. You've been particularly well-behaved and grown up lately, which I greatly appreciate. Earlier this week, you caught me using a less-than-adult tone of voice (a horrible habit I really need to work on) and said, "Hey, you're a big kid now, Mom - no more whining." Good call.

You continue to rock it in our near-nightly Rock Band 2 competitions. You've decided vocals are the way to go, and you end up with scores in the 90% range. Nice! You get all the notes but are still working on getting all the words. You insist that the "Eye of the Tiger" chorus includes the phrase "grill of the night" and the word "rive-O," although you're not sure what either means.

You woke up Thursday morning with a scowl on your face and reported that you'd dreamed I was a "mean farmer." Interesting. I love hearing about your dreams, incidentally. They're getting more and more complex, and I'm fascinated by the way your mind works. I seem to be in all of your dreams, and lately they usually involve some sort of tricky situation we need to find a way out of (like escaping from a castle). You're always the hero, of course, and you always mention which "costume" you were wearing at the time. Very cool.

Yesterday morning hcracked me up when I asked you what day it was (thinking you'd say, "Birthday party day!" Instead you said, "Is this the day I get to be on TELEVISION??" Girlfriend, you have a one-track mind!

I love you so very much, baby girl.


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Corinne Sullivan said...

I love this! Great idea, and great letter!