Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dear Kid Sunday

Welcome to this week's installment of "Dear Kid." A week late and about a hundred dollars short - that pretty much sums up how I've been feeling lately. Freelance projects abound and I've become a regular author for Yodle's consumer guide . I'm doing less designing than I'd like, but I recently listed some fun back-to-school stuff with Artiste. Here's what's going on at home since you last heard from us.

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Dear almost-birthday girl,

This picture was taken about five minutes before we bought Rock Band 2. Since then, we've spent lots of time taking our family band on the road. Most of the time, you're on vocals, I'm on drums and Daddy's on guitar. Your favorite song is "Hungry Like the Wolf." Nice! I had no idea how much fun this silly game would be, but we're all pretty much obsessed. Each time we play you say something like, "Are you guys ready to ROCK?? I'm gonna KILL it this time!" I love it.

Next weekend is your birthday party and you are SUPER excited about it. We're having it at your gymnastics school and I'm hoping some of the kids from this year's preschool class will be able to come. Last year I was a little worried that you didn't make many friends (although you didn't seem particularly concerned about it). I thought that giving you a chance to get to know some of the girls outside of school might make things easier when you start for the year. Can you believe the summer's almost over??

This week you took your first real "big kid" gymnastics class and it was so fun to see how much you've improved. Camp this summer has obviously made you much more confident on the equipment and your balance is getting better and better. It's amazing how fast you're growing up!

You continue to practice spelling and writing words on your own (although you're not really interested in being corrected - I applaud your moxie, but eventually we'll have to focus on accuracy...). On Monday you were mad at me for putting you in your room and confiscating one of your stuffed kitties. You wrote a sign that said, "No Kitty Yes Kitty" (spelled K-E-T-E, but still pretty good for a preschooler) and you showed it to me without saying anything when I came to get you out of your time-out. You crossed out the "No Kitty" part when I asked you what it meant. Apparently you wanted your kitty back.

Later in the week you were concerned about the dogs hanging out in the kitchen while I was cooking. You wrote a sign that said "Go" and "No." Then you crossed out "Go" and put it in front of the entrance to the kitchen. If only those dogs could read!

We seem to have moved past the super sassy phase I talked about in my last letter. In fact, you've been particularly cuddly and generally compliant for the last couple of weeks. You're focused on learning lots of new skills and on new best friend, Annie:

It's funny that you were never all that interested in our big dog, but you sure do adore this little one. She follows you around all over the house and you love attaching her leash and taking her for a little walk. You like for her to come up when we tuck you in and you let her stick around for story time so you can give her good night kisses. We're glad she's here to stay.

I love you so much, sweet girl. You're almost FOUR!


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Marilyn said...

Kelly, as always, great stuff!! I always enjoy reading about "girlie's" adventures!