Monday, May 25, 2009

Dear Kid Monday

Welcome to this week's installment of "Dear Kid." As always, full credit to Christina of Cutest Kid Ever for the fabulous idea. Want to write a "Dear Kid" letter of your very own? Learn more about how to participate here.

Dear Missy Moo,

You went to one super fancy party on Saturday for your friend L. Your favorite part was definitely the karaoke. You took to that microphone like a duck to water. We sing a lot at home, but this was different - there were lots of other girls and mommies watching and you were very serious about the whole thing. You sang "Do-Re-Mi" and it was awesome. I was very proud of you! A couple of the other moms even told me what a nice job you'd done. I know it was a big deal to you too. Nice job, kiddo.

Last week was your final week of preschool before the summer break, and you are really excited about the end-of-year picnic and "Splash Day" next week. Apparently the class is going to be singing a song for the parents and you've been doing a LOT of practicing around the house. You've also been in a pretty silly mood lately. On Monday, you came up to me and said, "Hey, Mom, you're a cutie pie!... No, actually, you're a nailhead!" Huh??

You're also in the process of making up your own version of sign language, which often involves very long and elaborate silent stories, which you're quite annoyed that I can't understand. I've tried to get you interested in learning real sign language, but you're put off by the idea that there's an actual vocabulary involved. Apparently you think it should be all about using your hands creatively and being expressive with your face. We did manage to learn the "Happy Birthday" song... we'll just keep working on it.

This week we had no fewer than ten conversations about your birthday (which isn't until August!). Apparently you're very concerned that I'm not going to get your party right. You went from telling me you wanted to have a mushroom party (which you said is a party where "they throw mushrooms all over the birthday girl"...hmmmmm...) to insisting that only a tea party would do. This year should be interesting. Now you have friends from preschool that you'll want to invite, so I probably can't get away with planning a party for families again. We'll just have to get creative, I guess!

Friday morning, we used our pre-gymnastics time to do some serious playing. We made a "boat" for your puppies out of the ottoman, a belt and a box, and we took them on a great trip to "Antarctica" to see the icebergs and penguins. You even asked if there were Inuit people in Antarctica. Goodness!

This weekend has been super fun. Dad has a three-day weekend, and we've been doing lots of stuff together. We've played soccer and football, and lots of your favorite games. We had a family meeting to talk about the furniture in your room on Saturday. You wouldn't attend until you'd put on a princess dress and your little high heels - apparently it's your version of a power suit.

I'm looking forward to your picnic this week! We've got some time before summer camp starts, so we'll be able to go to the pool several times this week. Yay!

I love you, sweet girl.


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