Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dear Kid Saturday

Welcome to this week's installment of "Dear Kid." As always, full credit to Christina of Cutest Kid Ever for the fabulous idea. Want to write a "Dear Kid" letter of your very own? Learn more about how to participate here.

My little chickadee,

Pretty big week, huh? Preschool is over for the year, and we had your end-of-year party and Splash Day this week! Daddy and I absolutely loved seeing you with your classmates Tuesday night at your class picnic. You've grown up so much this year. And the songs you guys did for us were awesome! You were so proud to show off your classroom and your teachers. And you couldn't get over the fact that you guys got to do your little program in the lecture hall at the high school. A real stage!

On Wednesday I went to school with you for Splash Day. Boy, your teacher is really on top of it - all of you were incredibly well-behaved and great listeners. I was so impressed! The teacher assistants had set up a bunch of crazy water games and pools all over the playground. You parked yourself in the biggest pool and absolutely cracked me up by putting a floaty ring on and keeping it on all day. You silly - you're not afraid of water! We're going to have to work on swimming this summer. I think you were more brave before you started lessons! Now you seem to have decided that adults are going to trick you into putting your head underwater, and you're determined not to let that happen.

We implemented some new TV rules around here, and I've gotta hand it to you - you're handling it like a champ. In fact, you're starting to prefer shows like Sesame Street over Dora and Disney, and I love it. I like watching together and then talking about what we learned afterward. I'm amazed at how much you pick up!

Since we didn't have preschool, we had lots of time together. Lately you're always asking questions and saying "tell me more about that." You were asking lots of questions about calendars and clocks on Thursday, so it occurred to me to get some worksheets out and see what we could do. You loved it! You were matching the time on the clock face to the written time within just a few minutes. Very cool. And we made a calendar together that will help you figure out what day it is and what's on the schedule without having to ask.

You also taught me, accurately, how to do addition and subtraction on my fingers this week. You seem to really like anything related to numbers, especially if it's related to something tangible in your life. And you love talking about science, just like Daddy. You like to pose complicated scenarios and then change up the variables to see "what would happen if..." You're really inspiring me to find creative ways to help you learn this summer. You just can't seem to get enough!

I love you, sweet girl. Can't wait to see what you have in store for me next week.


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mchen said...

Oh,this is a really lovely idea, and your letter is so touching. Your kiddo sounds great, and yup, that's a terrific photo! Cutie patootie :)