Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dear Kid Sunday

Welcome to this week's installment of "Dear Kid." As always, full credit to Christina of Cutest Kid Ever for the fabulous idea. Want to write a "Dear Kid" letter of your very own? Learn more about how to participate here.

Hi baby girl,

I took this picture on Friday after you absolutely INSISTED there was no way you could possibly take a nap. See? Here's the proof, missy moo. The second I tucked you in on the couch, you were out like a light.

We had a nice week, I think. Don't you? You had gymnastics camp on Tuesday and Thursday, which you LOVE, and we were making secret plans for Daddy's birthday and Father's Day this weekend. We surprised him with a party at Buca di Beppo and lots of friends, and then had a cookout at our house last night for Father's Day. You've been super well-behaved considering the late nights and I know Daddy has appreciated it.

You said the sweetest thing on Monday. We were just sitting around and you were thinking hard about something. Suddenly you looked over and said, "Know what, Mom? True love is what I'm really looking for." I had to give you lots of cuddles for that one. And we had a great talk about what love is and what it means between people. You told me how much we all love each other in our family, which I thought was pretty awesome.

You're experimenting right now with a particular kind of defiance. I'd love to tell you that you're good at it... but you're really not. It's more of a playing-dress-up-with-being-bad kind of thing. Every now and then when Daddy or I say "no" to something, you'll give us a mean face and try out some nastiness. On Tuesday you said, "Mom, whenever you say that, I make a sign that says 'NO MOMS ALLOWED!'" Oh my goodness. You're also testing out what happens when you kick things gently, like the couch. Our interaction usually goes something like, "That's not very nice behavior." "Oh yeah? How about THIS behavior?!" Very strange. I'm hoping it's a short-lived phase, since it's really not very consistent with your personality and, frankly, you're not really giving it much effort. Still, it's interesting that you feel the need to try.

We've implemented a new rewards system for the summer - you're learning lots of new life skills. Because you're sometimes reluctant to try things you don't already know how to do perfectly, I thought it would be cool to make a sticker chart and give you some rewards to work toward. Boy, that sure did the trick. You can now get your own breakfast, pack your own lunch, get dressed, hang up your clothes, take care of your own bathroom business (yay!), and open all kinds of tricky containers. After only a week I've already shelled out a new sticker book, a little stuffed puppy and a Fancy Nancy game. That's called "working the system," my friend. Nice work. I'm gonna have to up my game this week!

You had a big emotional breakthrough this week. We were watching a movie that had a happy ending, and you cried because you were happy. I mean, you really, REALLY cried. You were so confused and upset about feeling sad and happy at the same time that you wanted me to hold you and rock you for a long, long time. You kept saying that you didn't understand why you were feeling so sad. I told you what a grown-up thing it is to feel empathy, and how proud I am that you care so much about other people.

We've got a big week ahead - lots of preparing to do for our Seattle trip! Thanks for giving me so many great opportunities to love, laugh, and grow with you.



Casual Cottage said...

I always look forward to your Dear Kid posts. The pic is adorable! What wonderful memories you're creating.....she will love reading these later in life.

Have a great week!

Jodi said...

I loved this story, I'm weeping a little right now. I now it was more or less just a diary of the week, but so beautifully written, that I can't stand it.

Very good, I'll look forward to more of these.