Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dear Kid Sunday

Welcome to this week's installment of "Dear Kid." As always, full credit to Christina of Cutest Kid Ever for the fabulous idea. Want to write a "Dear Kid" letter of your very own? Learn more about how to participate here.

Happy Sunday, sweets!

Whew! We've had a busy few weeks. Last week we went to Seattle to see friends and family, and you had a great time. You're a good traveler which makes things pretty easy for Daddy and me. And this time we get to spend most of our trip outside. You got to go on a long boat ride, have a campfire on the beach, see those amazing Seattle fireworks for the first time and get lots of love from your aunt, uncle, cousins, Grandma, Grandpa and all of our wonderful friends.

This week was all about getting back into the swing of things and we had lots on the schedule. You had gymnastics camp on Tuesday and Wednesday, and a birthday pool party on Thursday - that's a pretty full week for us!

We had a big occasion this week. You moved into your first "big girl" bed. For a long time, you've been sleeping in either your toddler bed or, more recently, on the floor in your princess tent. On Monday, though, we got your twin bed set up and you were SO excited about it. We went to Target and I let you pick out some sheets and wall decals. When we got home, we had a redecorating party! I think your room looks more like you now - girly, playful, creative... and definitely not like a baby anymore. You seem to love it!

You introduced us to a new alter ego this week - "Princess Presto." Apparently she flies "swiftly through the night sky." Leave it to you to combine princesses and super heroes, right? You also let it slip that you have a "secret grotto" these days and that you hope I never find it. Hmmmmm...

Lately you can't get enough of puzzle books and worksheets, so we've been working through this really big Kindergarten workbook together before dinner each night. It includes things like simple math, writing upper and lowercase letters, matching pictures to words, and you always do a great job. Sometimes, though, you think I'm trying to pull a fast one and actually teach you something. As soon as you think it's a lesson, you're over it. I've had kind of a hard time getting you to stay focused even though you obviously like the challenge.

Apparently, though, I've been doing it wrong. It's quickly becoming clear that praise and encouragement make you feel like a sell-out. You respond much better if you think you're showing me up. For example, you love nothing more than for me say, "Oh, this is probably too hard for you. Let's do something a little easier." Your response is always something like, "Oh yeah???? Watch this! I can do the whole thing and not even need any help!" We got through the entire alphabet that way the other night - before each letter you'd put your hand on your hip and say, "I'll bet you don't think I can write this Q!" or "There's no way I can make this W, right, Mom?" And you especially love it if I act astonished and mad when you get it right. Wow. It's amazing how different we are.

Thursday morning we found ourselves with a flat tire and a carload of groceries on a 100 degree day. You were quite the little helper! First, you suggested I call Barack Obama. Then you said that maybe the tire was flat because it "just wanted attention." Thanks for the perspective, kiddo. What would I do without you?

Yesterday we talked about being in love. You're all about "finding your prince" and getting married right now. Slow down, girlfriend! Let's at least get to your fourth birthday first, shall we? You told me yesterday, with a very long and dramatic sigh, that you're not in love yet. When I told you that you didn't need to worry about being in love for a long time, you were having none of it. You said you wanted to get married NOW. And at a friend's party last night, you promptly fell in love with an 11-year-old boy. Followed him around all night batting your eyelashes and giggling, in fact. Thankfully he was a great sport! Oooooooh my. Perhaps we should take a break from the Disney princess stories?

I love you so much, baby girl.



tc said...

Awww. What a lovely post. Will be amazing for your little princess to read it when she gets a bit older !

Liv'nGood Jewelry said...

"she followed him around batting her eyes"

that is soo cute, I can just picture it

she's either gonna love these, or be horribly embarrassed by them (possibly both)!