Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dear Kid Saturday - Drama Girl

Welcome to this week’s installment of Dear Kid Saturday, my weekly love letter to my girlie girl. Here’s what we’ve been up to this week:

Dear Drama Girl,

It SNOWED this week! Can you believe it? And not just a little snow like you’ve seen a couple of times before. This was like a foot of wet, fluffy, snowball-appropriate snow, and you officially LOVED it. Thursday morning you came running into our room shouting “YOU GUYS WILL NOT BELIEVE THIS!” There were big, fat, pretty flakes falling and you just couldn’t get enough. At preschool, you guys went outside and made snowballs and a snowman – two firsts for you! After school, we dried off, had some warm drinks and watched from inside while the snow just kept falling and falling and falling.

The next morning we got a big surprise. Overnight the snow had piled up on our big backyard tree and it cracked right in the middle and fell over! The tree was blocking our driveway and had broken our back gate. We were trapped! You were very, very concerned about that situation and headed straight upstairs to inform Dad that he needed to take some action. We all headed outside for some tree-chopping, snowball-making and wacky winter fun. After we got our cars free, you and Daddy made a big snowman in the front yard. You couldn’t stop giggling, and I sure am glad. When we move to Colorado, you’re going to see some SERIOUS snow. Don’t worry, though – next time we need to dig or chop our way to safety, we’ll be equipped with better tools!

Speaking of the move, you’ve been dishing out some serious drama lately. Top-notch performances, girlfriend. I know there are real things for you to worry about – like having a new room in a new house, going to kindergarten in a new state, and making new friends – but the stuff you’re coming up with is cracking me up. The other day you let out a big sigh from the back of the car and said, “I’ll never EVER be able to go back to our gym’s pool…” I told you there would be pools and gyms in Colorado, but you said, “They probably won’t be as good.” You goof – you hate going to the gym with me! And a pool’s a pool as far as you’re concerned. You’ve also started bringing up all the people you’re going to miss. Only you never seem to mention your current friends. You say you’re going to miss your cousins M & T (ahem – they live in Seattle) or that you’re going to miss your friend Duncan (who, incidentally, moved to Alabama a year ago). I’m glad you’re lightening up about it, though. The fact that you’re adding drama for effect means you’re dealing with the real stuff well. I knew you would.

You had some pretty deep thoughts this week, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorites:

"Mama? Did you know there's sooooooo much red? On jewelry, on hats... and especially on blood."

“I think it’s just awful that girls can’t be knights.”

“Mom? I don’t think my head is attached to my body appropriately.”

“When I squeeze my belly, it looks like a jelly hot dog!”

“Animals love me… I’m very special, you know.”

Yes, you are.

You’re very excited about Valentine’s Day, and you’ve changed your mind about fifty times as to who your valentine will be. First you said that a boy named Nathan was going to be your valentine (“Because he’s just so cool!”), and then you said you’d decided that “being valentines” with your whole class was a better idea. Yeah, I agree. As of yesterday, though, you’d decided I’m your valentine. And let me tell you, I’m flattered. You said it’s because of my “beautiful hair and sweet face.” I love you, baby girl. Tomorrow we’re going to let Daddy be both of our valentines and make him a special dinner. Instead of doing something fancy, we decided that the three of us would go to a hockey game on Monday afternoon. Can’t wait to hear you cheering those big hockey boys on again!

You’re fabulous.


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