Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dear Kid Saturday - Super Fast Girl

Welcome to this week’s installment of Dear Kid Saturday, my weekly love letter to my girlie girl. Here’s what we’ve been up to this week:

Dear Super Fast Girl,

This week was crazy, right? I have more pesky health stuff going on, and you’ve had to deal with a super sleepy mama. To make matters worse, Daddy’s been sick, so you’ve been boooooooooored.

Thankfully, you’re pretty good at entertaining yourself. This week you’ve been all about superheroes, which has been pretty convenient for me. I’ve found that Super Fast Girl gets ready for preschool in record time, especially if I give her a “mission” and set a timer. You’ve also been doing an amazing job cleaning your room and doing your chores - I’m going to have to find some more things you can help with!

Last weekend you and Daddy went to the Daddy’s Little Sweetheart dance. You felt like such a princess! I could tell you loved having Daddy’s undivided attention and, even though you guys didn’t stay very long (Dad said you told him, “OK, we’ve done everything - let’s go!”), the dance meant a lot to you.

Lately you love anything and everything new. You’re always coming up with great ideas for new activities. Most of the time, they’re pretty grandiose (“I know! Let’s invent an ice cube that never melts!”), but on Thursday you said, “Hey! Let’s make applesauce!” Now that one I could handle. We peeled and cut the apples together, and then you helped me stir and smash once we had them cooked. You were so excited because our “experiment” turned out just like the one on Sid the Science Kid. You shared your portion with Dad and he thought we were pretty amazing cooks.

Yesterday you had to go to the doctor with me and we were there FOREVER. I expected you to get a little impatient (after all, I was), but you were so awesome! I brought you some activity books and you totally surprised me by reading lots of the words. You read “you,” “draw,” “color,” “princess,” “school,” and “mermaid.” Wow, dude! You were also super sweet about me not feeling well. When the doctor said, “I’m going to order some more labs,” you said, “It’s OK, Mom - don’t be scared.” You are one tough cookie sometimes. You got right up close to the “lab lady” and watched me “get bleeded.” You know it’s annoying for me, but you’re pretty fascinated by all this doctor stuff.

Today you’re going to Chuck E. Cheese with your cousin and you’re SUPER excited. Right now you’re playing with Polly Pockets in the bathtub and singing at the top of your lungs.

I adore you.

More next week, girlie girl.


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ElegantSnobbery said...

Haha, awwwww! She is such a little character. I think my 4yo is Super Fast Girl's arch-nemesis - Super Slow Girl.