Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dear Kid Saturday

It's Saturday and whaddayaknow?! I'm here with this week's installment of "Dear Kid Saturday." Once again, full credit to Cutest Kid Ever for the idea and opportunity to participate in what is quickly becoming my favorite blogging exercise.

Without further ado, here's this week's letter:

Dear Cinderella Sleeping Jasmine,

We had a really great week, don't you think? It was your last week of preschool before the holiday break, and you are getting seriously pumped for Christmas!

First thing Monday morning, you were on fire, as we like to say around here. While we were waiting for your baby cousin (henceforward to be known as "Twinkle") to arrive, you were making up "candy inventions." You invented "mock-to-mocks," which are "Mike & Ikes, but like Nerds, but very complicated Nerds with sticks like suckers." Sounds great! You just might have a hit on your hands! Monday night was a little scary. There was a thunderstorm and then suddenly the tornado sirens were going off. We had to get you out of bed and all huddle together in the downstairs coat closet. At first, you were nervous, but pretty soon you'd calmed down. In fact, you thought it was pretty funny that we were all (including the dog) in there together. You told us you thought the tornado sirens were just Daddy and I having a "party downstairs."

Tuesday was your preschool day and, whew! You were pooped afterwards. You took a big long nap, and when you woke up, we curled up together to watch "Charlie Brown Christmas." You loved it, but were surprised that the kids on the show called each other things like "stupid" and "blockhead." You didn't think that was very nice and I agreed. We talked about how it's not ok to do or say everything we see on TV.

Wednesday was a lot of "the usual" around here. Once Ms. Twinkle showed up, we headed out for a very important trip to Target. When we realized we couldn't fit both you and Twinkle in the "big girl cart," you were very upset and cried a lot. I was very sorry to have disappointed you, but had to let you know that it's never ok to throw a tantrum. And actually, you calmed down really quickly when you saw that your crying was upsetting the baby. I'm proud of you for being so sensitive to her feelings. Later on, you had a super crazy bath. We used your new Barbie soap to make LOTS of watermelon-scented bubbles. We just kept refilling the tub and you stayed in there for an hour and a half (!), laughing the whole time.

Thursday was your last day of preschool and the theme was... Christmas! You wore the pink hat that Grandma made you all day, even inside, and I have to admit - you looked so beautiful, I wanted to cover with kisses. Over lunch, we watched "Jack Frost" and you asked a lot of questions about snow and ice. I hope you get to see some snow this winter - this would be a great year to make your very first snowman. Right before bed, you told me you wanted to write your letter to Santa. I was sooooo proud to watch you write almost all the letters in "Dear Santa" all by yourself! You even figured out how to spell "Santa" by sounding it out. I'm sure Santa will get crackin' on that Swim To Me Puppy you asked for, especially since you said "please."

On Friday morning, we had a little disagreement over your clothes for gymnastics class. You really really really want to do things by yourself right now, and sometimes it's hard for me to be patient. But, you know what? This time we both stayed calm and talked it out, and you got dressed just fine without my help. You had a serious case of the sillies at gymnastics, which always makes me laugh. We saw Santa Claus driving a minivan on our way home, and you wanted me to chase him! You wondered what he was doing in a car, but decided it must be a faster way of carrying around all those toys. You were also really glad to see him in our town, which you think is a pretty good indicator that you're definitely getting the Swim To Me Puppy.

I love you so much and am looking forward to another fun-filled week. Christmas is almost here!



Brenda // Phydeaux said...

Oh my gosh, I'm verklempt -- this is so sweet and fun and touching. Give your girlie a big kiss!

Half an Acre said...

i love this! can I join in with my three boys? sorry i've been such a useless twitter buddy lately - been so busy and knackered!

ElegantSnobbery said...

Aw... I seriously hope you print these out so that she can read them always. I have a letter my mom wrote me when I was 9... and I still love reading it.

Very cute, Kelly!

Padaysia said...

Adorable!! And able to sound out and spell "Santa" already?? I am so impressed!!!!! I enjoyed reading this a lot! :D

Annie Evett said...

so impressed - doesn'tit make you just want to cry? ( I think there is alot of crying going on in motherhood - more than I was lead to beleive..)