Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hello, ArtFire!

As you will undoubtedly hear all about in the coming weeks, part of my grand plan for 2009 is to diversify - to start trying new venues and new marketing strategies, and to ultimately choose the right solutions for my handmade business rather than assuming there's only one solution for my handmade business.

ArtFire - Buy Handmade - Sell Handmade

I'd heard quite a bit of buzz about ArtFire since its launch earlier this year. But it was this article by Always Amy that really convinced me to check it out. I mean, for $7 a month, how can you go wrong, right? A few of the major selling points include

1. Super fast, super easy listing process
2. Stats, stats, and more stats
3. Aggressive marketing plans, and
4. (Did I already mention this?) VERY low operating costs.

Here's a peak at what the storefront ("studio") looks like:

Cute, right? As of this writing (just an hour or so after adding my first products), I've seen 40-ish visits to my studio and over 50 individual product views.

Care to be one of my first customers? Be one of my first three ArtFire customers and receive a second boxed notecard or thank you card set of your choice ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Ready to set up shop yourself?

Register on ArtFire.com

Stay tuned for updates on traffic and shop performance. Also coming soon - my report on yet another new-ish handmade venue, 1000 Markets.


Heather said...

I'm thinking about trying it out. I'm so lazy with listing on etsy that if the process is really easier and quicker that would probably make it worth it to me. Is there a commission fee when the item sells?

Kelly Drill said...

Nope, no commission! Nice, right?

Anonymous said...

Your little one is so adorably cute! I never stop loving the name of your shop/blog...

I tried to tweet you on twitter, but I just can't seem to figure out how to talk WITH someone. UGH...

Congrats on ArtFire. There is no online venue that helps with selling my jewelry. Either I am doing something(s) terribly wrong, or just in the wrong art trade...LOL

Merry Christmas


MizKatie said...

I didn't know you have a blog! duh! We follow each other on twitter..I should have known, but had no clue.

I just joined ArtFire, too. I LOVE how easy it is to list items there. It blows Etsy out of the water. Man, I dislike wrestling with all those back and forth buttons on Etsy.

Kim said...

I figured the same thing about the $7, and so far, I am loving it-I mean, customer service=answers within minutes? wow!! And I have to say I love the stats, I can see which ads are working and which I shouldn't bother with.
SO great :)

Art Fire said...

Thanks for featuring us in your blog. And we are so happy to have you add your creative voice to our community.


EVP ArtFire.com

Half an Acre said...

ooooo ooooo me! me! I'll look into this after i've dropped the kids off! is it specific crafts only?

Kelly Drill said...

Nope - all kinds of handmade goodness!

Rhee Dunn said...

I'm really lovin the artfire site too. adding more items today! thanks for the heads up!

SpinachNPeace said...

I haven't decided yet whether I can afford artfire. It does look very well setup. Keep us updated as to how it goes.