Monday, December 1, 2008

Skwigga-zine Blog Ring -- Blog of the Week

As usual, I'm behind schedule on this one. Once again, I present LAST week's blog of the week. Just pretend you didn't notice, ok?

This week's featured blogger is Corinne of Daydream Art Studio. Artist, teacher, and curator of The Grid, Corinne describes her work as follows:

I paint my life, working mainly in bright, vivid colors. I adore experimenting and playing in mixed media, working from my daydreams and memories. I get my inspiration from the everyday beauty around me rather than trying hard to be "clever." I also love vases and sculpture, using things like found materials, glass, and polymer clay. I dance while I work, and hope the fun I have creating my art is contagious.

As for the nitty-gritty, I primarily paint in oil on canvas. Using a pre-gessoed canvas in easily framed sizes, I start with an underpainting in one color. I slowly build up layer after layer of glazing to create a luminosity that plays with lighting. I use vivid, pure colors, mixing as little as possible to avoid a dirty look. I use black as little as possible- instead I try to put detail in and focus on the many colors that lie in shadows.

A selection of Corinne's work is available in her Etsy shop. The Daydream Art Studios blog offers a peek into Corinne's creative process and includes lovely insights into her family and personal life. Please take a moment to check out both and leave a little love!

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Annette Piper said...

Hi Kelly!
Just to let you know I've posted the link to this post on Swkiggazine BlogRing ;) You sound super busy - you do beautiful work, so its no wonder!!