Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dear Kid Saturday

Welcome to this week's installment of "Dear Kid Saturday." As always, full credit to Cutest Kid Ever for the fabulous idea. This week, TJ's mommy writes about his holiday singalong at school. Very sweet and poignant, as usual.

I'm not going to consider this post late because a) it's still the weekend, and b) we had our official extended family Christmas celebration yesterday. Everything went swimmingly, by the way, and I'm sure I'll have lots of pics to post later in the week. And without further ado, here's this week's letter:

Dear Princess Mermaid,

Our week got off to a pretty slow start. You woke up with a cough Monday morning. We'd kept you out late all weekend - we went to a party Saturday night, and you went to see Christmas lights with Grandma and Grandpa Sunday night. You had a little bit of a fever and were really sleepy, so I canceled our Monday playdate and made you a little bed on the couch. You only wanted to watch "Charlie Brown Christmas" and have a little yogurt for breakfast. I had to make a run to the craft store and the post office, so when your cousin (Twinkle) came over, we headed out. You guys were really great at the store, but you were so quiet, I could tell you just wanted to be at home. You were very sweet to your cousin in the car, but you told me you wanted to take your nap early after lunch. Sometimes you're such a grown-up. We kept it low-key for the rest of the day, and you got lots and lots of sleep Monday night.

On Tuesday, you were still not feeling good, so we stayed in all day. We had lots of Christmas stuff to do anyway, so after we played with Barbies and My Little Ponies, you helped me wrap presents. You did an awesome job of reading the names on the tags and you were very excited to see that some were for you. At the end of the day, you took a nice long bubble bath and, just because you didn't think I would do it, I jumped right in there with you with all my clothes on. Ha! That surprised you, didn't it? I made quite a mess, but it was worth it to see the look on your face. We sure had a ton of bubbles in there. I could barely find you to wash your hair. Afterward, you wanted to have a tea party instead of dinner, so we made some peanut butter "finger sandwiches" and had raspberry tea. Mmmmm...

Wednesday was a busy day and it was cold and wet outside! Little Miss Twinkle came over and we headed out to the store get some Christmas surprises for your friends and their mommies. You guys crack me up together in the race car shopping cart. You've taught Twinkle how to "drive" and even though it seems to me that you're in the same car, you guys have some pretty crazy "races" every time we go to the grocery store. Twinkle was a little grumpy in the car, so you asked for some music. We played the Ralph's World CD you used to love when you were Twinkle's age. We sang SUPER loud and she laughed and laughed. I have to admit it that I got a little teary thinking about the fun things we used to do when you were really little like that. It seems like just yesterday that you were a baby. You're growing up so fast! Pretty soon I'll be saying that it seems like just yesterday that you were three, and that makes me a little sad. Gosh, I sure am sappy since you were born, huh? Sheesh!

Back at home, you were a little sulky, which seems to be a bit of a trend this week. Worried about too many cuddles for Twinkle? Still not feeling good? Lately, you've been pretending to be sad sometimes, even when it seems like there's nothing to be sad about. You like to tell me you're sad because you "miss your family" - your Grandma in Seattle, Great Grandpa John, and even your little cousin (we see her almost every day, silly!). Daddy and I miss people when they're not here too and it's very sweet of you to be thinking about the people who love you so much. Sometimes I get worried when you pretend to be sad or mad, but I think that it's just a way of playing "dress up" with certain moods. I suppose you wouldn't be my little girl if you weren't a bit dramatic, right?

Thursday night, Daddy was running a little late and you and I decided to play "campfire." We made a fire in the fireplace, turned out all the lights, made your dinner by flashlight and then snuggled up on the floor with blankets, pillows, and a nice warm dog. I love that you come up with such creative ideas and it's so much fun for me to share in your pretending. You made a pretty big announcement, too. You told me that, for this week, you weren't going to be a princess anymore, you were going to be a mommy like me. And you put a "mommy ring" on your left hand just like mine. I am VERY flattered.

On Friday, we had lots and lots to do to get ready for our big early Christmas celebration on Saturday morning. You have been so incredibly helpful this year. I was so proud of you for making your very own gifts for all of our family members - they're going to love them! Because I had so much to get finished, your Grandpa took you to your gymnastics class and then out for a special lunch. You were soooo excited to show him how much better you're getting at the balance beam and your tumbling. You guys took advantage of the super warm weather and went to the park for a looooooooong time. I'll bet he was pretty surprised to see that you don't need to be pushed on the swings anymore. Another thing you can do all by yourself - there's something new every day!

I love you, sweet girl.



Christina @ Cutest Kid Ever said...

You got me all teary-eyed when reading about your little princess/mommy!

Peanut butter sounds like the BEST kind of finger sandwiches. (I've tried the usual tea party sandwiches, and they're not my thing!)

Race car shopping carts are the BEST. TJ loves the "red car cart" at the grocery store. There's a blue one, too, but much harder to push!

"Dressing up" with different moods sounds like a good explanation. TJ does that, too.

Thanks for the shout-out!

Half an Acre said...

*phew* I feel so guilty now! I never do things like that with my three!! perhaps its having three that has worn all the enthusiasm out of me.