Thursday, September 11, 2008


This week's EtsyBloggers blog carnival topic is color - pick a favorite and explore the ways it's expressed in your work.

I don't know that, before I began crafting and creating, I would have been able to tell you my favorite color. I've been flummoxed by the question before - generally, just making something up to appease the asker (lately, my 3-year-old). But as I began to work with all the glorious decorative papers I've come to fall so in love with, I find that I'm almost always drawn to the same few palettes. A quick trip to my shop reveals all - pink and brown and, even more so, blue and brown.

As I was thinking through this post (while making beds, as per my daily ritual), it occurred to me that my house is filled with this same combination of soft, calming blues and warm, chocolatey browns. There is something about this palette that, to me, conveys affection, sentimentality, and comfort. So it's only natural that, as I create my little folded sheets of paper and attempt to infuse them with those same sorts of feelings, I might drift into the same sweet and simple color scheme.

My "bluesy" cards are definitely among my faves, and probably carry just a little bit of extra "me" in each envelope. See what I mean?


storybeader said...

I've noticed in particular, that brown and blue papers have been a favor of our group! They certainly are beautiful together - just like nature, as mentioned before. Earth and water!

Yazmin said...

I agree with Story, I do love brown and blue on a paper product.