Monday, September 15, 2008

Stuff I Love - Screenprinted Tees

I'm sick and tired. Literally. Yes, it's true - the weekend saw me fighting off some horrible virus, sleeping most of each day away, and grumbling at my poor husband about housework and headaches. Thankfully, Ike turned out to be a non-event up here in the Dallas area. Although we were warned to have supplies ready for a potential long-term power outage (which I always have ready anyway - we're in Tornado Alley, after all), we barely saw any wind and just a little bit of rain. Whew! As of this morning, I'm unquestionably on the mend, but perhaps still lacking a bit of creativity and spunk, so I've decided to brighten the mood around here with a little show and tell.

I heart screenprinted tees. And Etsy is a fabulous place to find those sassy, unique designs that defy the trends and let you stand out and express yourself as only the perfect tee can. Once fall rolls around, I positively LIVE in my jeans and tees, and here's what's on my wish list for this year.

Cool (and slightly disturbing - in a good way) "octo-owl" destroyed tee by Deadworry:

"Dead Man's Party" black tee by theboldbanana (and I'll look JUST like this in it too):

Gorgeous blue chandelier tee by ellembee:

Adorable jellyfish tee by HopefulMonster:

And, last but not least, ridiculously adorable "Dogs for Obama" tee by alfieandrex:

While we're here, a BIG thank you to Amy of Giggleberry and Corinne of Daydream Arts Studio. Both featured my shop over the weekend. Thanks, ladies! You can read the interviews here and here.


Jamie Ferraioli said...

I love the dogs for obama shirt. How funny!

Nikki said...

Love the chandelier tee! I hope you feel better soon.