Thursday, September 18, 2008

Utter Randomness

No idea why I find this so endlessly amusing, but here you go...

When you reach for a carbonated beverage or offer one to a friend, what do you call it? Coke? Pop? Personally, I go for "soda," but I've always been fascinated with the apparent geographical component involved in how my friends and family all refer to these refreshing, sparkly drinks.

Well, the theory of soda "regions" has been proven! Check it out:

You can read the whole article here. Now the only thing left to explain is why my fellow native Hoosiers refer to any cola product without sugar as just "diet." As in, "Can I get a large diet?" Yeah. Weird, right?

I now return you to your regularly scheduled crafts blog.


Half an Acre said...

I'm in the UK and I usually say "do you want a fizzy drink?"
Soda is what goes in whiskey here ... and pop is now such a dated term that no-one uses it ....
i'm fascinated now and i'm going to check out the article you link to!
Found you through linkreferral, by the way.

With a Flourish said...

How fun! I knew of "Pop" in the midwest, "Soda" out east, and "Coke" in Atlanta... but never knew there were so many varieties... what a fun map!