Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dear Kid Saturday -- Half Birthday Edition

Welcome to this week's installment of Dear Kid Saturday. As always, credit for the great idea is due to Christina of Cutest Kid Ever and Uncharted Island (which, fellow LOST fans, is just for you). Please pop in and say hello after you're finished here.

Dear sickie,

You poor thing. You got sick right at the end of the week and had to miss several things you were looking forward to on Friday. Today it looks like we're not going to swim class either. Sorry, kiddo. Let's get rid of that fever so we can have lots of fun tomorrow, OK?

Monday morning started with some very serious pretending. You wrapped up one of your stuffed puppies in a blanket, put her in a cradle, called her "Bella," and told me she was a real baby. You took very good care of her until you decided to be a hockey player instead of a mommy. We set up a fun game of hockey in the kitchen with spatulas and marbles, and you ran around like crazy. You were pretending to be the announcer and you insisted there were three players on your team - you, your "brother," and your "sister." Your pretend brother and sister are becoming pretty important around here lately. I need to be careful not to sit on them, we need to bring them a fork at dinner time, and we have to always be on the lookout for your brother's car on the road (apparently, he always parks right next to us at the store). You tell everybody we meet that your brother is a super fast runner and that he's as tall as our ceiling. You have such a great imagination. Speaking of imagination, you told me a pretty fabulous story on Monday too. It went a little something like this: "When the princess was born, she got killed by a witch. The end."

You were super funny this week in general. You told me you loved me "under God, with liberty, and Justin for all." You were watching something about a dog show on TV, and you told me you wanted to "trade in our dog for a precious poodle." And, on a sweet note, out of nowhere you said, "The reason why I love you is the reason why you're my best friend." Aaaaaw. Thanks, Sweets.

On Wednesday morning, you were all business. You informed me that you had a lot to do and disappeared into Daddy's office, and then later, to the playroom. It's so strange for me that you're so independent all of the sudden, but I know it's good for you. Aside from "checking on me" (thank you, by the way), you stayed out of sight most of the day. I could hear you singing and playing upstairs with your stuffed animals and the dog, but you didn't need Mama one bit.

Thursday was your half birthday and you were ALL about it. When I picked you up from preschool, we went to get cupcake ingredients at the store. I let you pick out the cake mix, the icing, and the sprinkles, and you literally danced through the aisles to the checkout stand. You were singing a little song about "cupcakes for my half birthday," and you made sure everybody in line knew about it.

It's so much fun to make things together in the kitchen now - there are lots of things you can help with, and you stay interested for a long time. You got a teensy bit anxious about waiting for the cupcakes to cool, but, overall, you were incredibly patient.

I felt so bad for you when you woke up yesterday with a fever. No dance class for you, and it was supposed to be your performance day. I know how hard you worked on your dance, and how excited you were to show it to me, Daddy, and your grandma. You were disappointed, but you understood why we had to stay home. We don't stay home all day very often, so we had to really get creative to keep from getting bored. We played the world's looooooooongest game of Memory (look!), watched a movie, and finally broke out the craft supplies to make some super cool jewelry.

Seems like you're feeling better this morning, and I'm so glad. I want you back to your usual silly self as soon as possible. Get well, chickadee. Can't wait to see what kind of fun you have in store for next week.



Lorissa J. Longfellow said...

so glad she is feeling better. I love that you are so good doing this for her. I write things down, but not everyday. Wonderful.

ElegantSnobbery said...

Aw, its so hard for the little ones to be disappointed so young. So sad she missed her performance, but hope she's feeling better!!
I love your Dear Kid letters!!

Grandma Kaylan said...

Kelly & Natalie, I so admore how you fill each other's day with love and fun. Natalie, I think your mom should make a greeting card around your wise thought: The reason why I love you is the reason why your're my best friend."
I love you all,
Grandma Kaylan

Michelle said...

I just love your Dear Kid posts! What a great thing you're doing:)

linda lee studio said...

This is just the coolest thing ever. I need to recommend my best friend do this... so she can look back at the entries years from now. It's powerful, I bet, to read these letters from a year ago... or even last month!