Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dear Kid Saturday

Happy Valentine's Day! May your weekend be filled with love and laughter.

Dear Snanna,

That's your superhero name - isn't it the coolest?! Even as I type this, you're practicing your kung fu and hurling fireballs at me. Luckily, you've given me "super ice powers," so I "won't have to worry about getting burned up." Whew!

This week absolutely flew by. You were filled with creativity and cuddles, and all the weird behavior stuff from last week seems to have simply disappeared. I'm both relieved and proud of you. I knew you could do it!

Monday morning started with our weekly playdate with L. When we got home, you told me you were done being a superhero. You informed me you were going to "consummate on being a princess" (oh my goodness!), and then broke out the dress-up box. Once you were equipped, you spent the rest of the morning upstairs in the playroom, which is becoming a bit of a trend. I love that you're becoming more independent and are able to entertain yourself... but don't forget to come by and say, "hi" now and then or I might get a complex.

When I picked you up from preschool on Tuesday, I could tell you'd had a great day. Even though you were excited, we gave nap time a try. You spent a long time upstairs singing a funny song about poop at the top of your lungs - you silly thing! There was a thunderstorm rolling in anyway, so we gave up on sleeping and instead had a lovely chat about birthdays. You're obsessed! You told me you can't wait til you're 10, "just like Dad," and you made a long list of things we're going to need for your next birthday party. I hated to break the news that your birthday's not til August, but you didn't seem to care. Apparently the party details are more important than the date.

That night, we had some crazy weather and the tornado sirens went off again. I had to run upstairs and get you out of bed to hide in the closet with me and Dad. As usual, you were totally unfazed - just grabbed the "storm shelter toy kit" and started coloring a picture of a pony, which, by the way, you informed me would be a really good addition to your birthday party.

We had a lively discussion Wednesday morning about cartoons. We're going to California in March, and I told you about it. You said you wanted to visit Handy Manny in Hollywood. I tried to explain that we can't visit cartoons, but it didn't go over well. I think somehow you felt cheated - like cartoons are nothing but a lie. I was sympathetic, but didn't know how to make it better. You seemed pretty sleepy, so maybe you were just feeling extra sensitive. I used the opportunity to talk about how important it is to get your sleep (since you've started staying up late and playing in your room), but you weren't having any of it. I guess that's a pretty tricky connection to make when you're three.

That night I let you make your own dinner 'cause Dad was running late. I'm not sure how it started, but we decided to sing the instructions, and things got pretty loud and funny in our kitchen. You wanted cheese toast, so I let you put it in the "popper" and then the microwave by yourself. You also did the veggies and some fruit - nice work, girlie girl! When Dad got home, you spilled the beans about his Valentine's Day surprise ("Nice Krispy Treats"), but you insisted that you'd "said it quietly, so it's still be a surprise." Oh well - we sure made Daddy laugh, and he'll enjoy those Nice Krispy Treats anyway.

We had a special lunch together on Thursday after preschool and the gym, and you wanted to talk birthdays again. It occurred to me that this Thursday is your half-birthday, so I suggested a celebration. Instead, you were mad that you're just NOW turning three and a half. You said, "Mom, you've been lying to everybody!" I attempted to explain "approximately," but finally had to agree that you were right. Honesty is very important to you right now, and I definitely don't want to give you the impression that fudging is OK. I'm sure this was the first of many such discussions to come...

You had your dance class yesterday morning, and I couldn't believe how much you've learned! Just two weeks ago, you were frustrated that you couldn't point your toes, and now you can point and flex like a pro. When you guys practiced your dance for parents' day (I was peeking), you remembered all the steps and watched your teacher like a hawk to make sure every move was perfect. Great job! At the gym, you made me a valentine, and you made up a brand new language so you could say, "I love my Mom." It sounded kind of like "Flerf," but I didn't mind.

Last night you let Mommy and Daddy go on a date for Valentine's Day and spent the evening with "Tiny and Big," as you affectionately refer to your grandma and grandpa. You got a great report - apparently you were a model citizen. I'm not surprised.

I love you so, my little Valentine.


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To precious! I hope you save these posts to share with your daughter when she has kids of her own.