Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sweet Giveaway from FringeLore

Honestly, I hate to spread the word on this one, as I'm pretty determined to win it myself, but I recently stumbled on a super sweet giveaway from indie jewelry artisan and fellow Etsy seller, FringeLore.

Leave a comment on the giveaway post and be entered to win a membership in a 6-month Earring of the Month Club worth over $200! From the artisan's profile:

For as long as I can recall, I've had a fascination with old things. They seem to embody tales and stories of previous lives, of people since past and because of this provide a sense of connectedness with generations past. I like to think of the tales and lore carried in these items as being on the fringe; the fringe of memory, the fringe of society, the consciousness...about to blow off in the wind and be lost forever. With all the various items I've collected over the years, I try to assemble or reassemble them in an intriguing way so that perhaps once again, they can tell their stories and share their lore.

I work with all sorts of found objects, deconstructed mechanics and some ordinary objects that I hope to help people see in a new light.

You have until February 28th to enter. Good (but not too good) luck!

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