Friday, February 27, 2009

I Swore I Wouldn't Do This...

Sorry to all my Facebook friends who tagged me in their "25 Random Things" notes. I've forsaken you and decided to post my list here. Why? Because it's Friday, I suppose, and I'm feeling... candid. Deep breath.... Here goes.

1. Aside from once when I was too young to remember, I'd never been on an airplane until I was 23. Growing up in a small town, I also had zero experience with public transportation. My first flight was solo, and to NYC. Learning to get around the city changed my life forever.
2. I talk waaaaaay too quickly, too loudly, and too much. I know this about myself, and yet can't seem to change it.
3. I have a tendency to change the subject or go off on strange tangents.
4. I am curious about everything and annoy my husband by asking questions constantly to which he can't possibly know the answers.
5. I had an adverse reaction to a prescription drug in 2002 that caused very pronounced Parkinson's-like symptoms for six months. I still experience tremors and myoclonic jerks from time to time.
6. I am incredibly, horribly, debilitatingly shy. I overcome it daily.
7. I mostly hate to talk on the phone. This does not mean that I mostly hate my friends, which they sometimes fail to understand.
8. I dearly love hot weather.
9. Lots and lots of random things choke me up - pageants, standing ovations, kids singing, marching bands (why?!), reading to my daughter... The list goes on and on.
10. Most days I feel pretty, regardless of my weight, my clothes, or whether I'm having a good or bad hair day. This has only been true since I hit 30.
11. I never wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. Now I can't imagine having taken any other path.
12. I've written poetry since I was a little girl, but have only shared a few pieces I wrote for a class in college. I have books and books and books full. I can't get rid of them, but don't know what to do with them.
13. I spent a year in college intentionally waking myself up from dreams to write them down in detail. Those journals are some of my prized possessions, but are way too personal for anyone else to see.
14. I pierced my own ears several times in high school while working after hours in a salon.
15. I absolutely love thrill rides.
16. I have a strange and horrible phobia related to corpses and large bodies of water.
17. I would very much rather be busy than bored. I go nuts when left alone with my thoughts.
18. I'm absolutely never satisfied. Never.
19. I need quite a bit of personal space. I don't like this about myself and want to get past it... or at least hide it better.
21. I sometimes eat bologna sandwiches for breakfast.
22. I was a print model for about 5 minutes (OK, maybe it was a little longer) in 1998. I found it incredibly strange to be paid for looking a certain way.
23. My hair caught fire once at a wedding.
24. My husband spilled an entire glass of red wine down the back of my dress at our wedding.
25. My life, despite my perpetual grumbling about minor annoyances, is really pretty great. I'm very lucky.

Have a great weekend!


Elaine said...

Good to see what makes Kelly tick!

I hate the phone as well - or any spoken, device assisted conversation like mics etc. I have a minor but noticeable speech handicap that usually results in awkwardness.

Ironically, I do 10-20 craft shows and classes a year, by choice and I do them very well.

My friends and family do not understand why I hate the phone (they are used to me) and are slow converts to my demands to use email, facebook and mail! grr!

idyll hands said...

Marching bands choke me up too (maybe because I spent MANY years in various bands). I can't get through the DCI championships on ESPN2 with out crying.

Don't even try to see Blast on stage if you have this problem. :)

Kelly Drill said...

Ohmigosh, too funny. My movement coach in college choreographed Blast!

Glad I'm not the only one who gets teary over that stuff.

ElegantSnobbery said...

Ewwww, you pierced your own ears several times? Blech!!

But you are certainly an interesting lady! Thanks for sharing!

TVTrayArt said...

As usual, your blog post did not disappoint! Very candid and witty! Loved it. :)

Kerri Somers said...

Ha! I knew that you would do the 25 could not resist!!!