Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stocking with Artiste Tonight -- 9 PM EST!

Join me tonight at 9 PM when Artiste goes live with our first listings for February. As always, I'll be stocking new OOAK and limited-edition items, as well as offering some great deals exclusive to HyenaCart shoppers, like a 15-piece sampler for only $10, a Buy 2/Get 1 special on one of my best-sellers, and an auction starting at $1 for a set of these super cute minis:

Here's a peek at a few of my other Artiste-exclusive offerings:

If it's your first visit to Artiste, be prepared for some irresistible offerings from this great group of super talented work-at-home mamas. Fair warning - the best stuff gets snapped up fast, so be sure to scope out the scene in advance and be ready to pounce at 9:00. Best of luck!


Andrea Baker said...

You've been Handbag Tagged sweetie!

Alexia said...

These are lovely! I'm a stationary nut & paper is one of my obsessions (as a book maker ;) )