Thursday, July 17, 2008

Not My Kid...

Three things I'm not:

1. A native Texan
2. A country music fan
3. A person who thinks pageants for preschoolers are OK.

So, imagine my surprise when my daughter picked up a pink foam cowgirl hat at the craft store recently and proclaimed it, "the most beautiful craft I'll ever make!"

Ever the supportive mom, I bit my tongue (she WAS being quiet and keeping herself occupied, after all, while I endlessly browsed the pretty papers...) and shelled out the $1.99 to bring it home. I figured she'd show it to Daddy and her baby cousin, squish it in a fit of over-enthusiasm, and then forget about it within 24 hours.

Yeah, right. This hat turned into a MAJOR project around here. As soon as we got it home, she started going through all her most sparkly craft supplies and adding adornments til we ended up with this (yes, I tied the ribbon - albeit reluctantly):

The hat has now been worn proudly to Target, out to dinner, and to my parents house, although (thankfully) a bit of the bling has started to fall off. Amazing how much entertainment you can get out of a buck ninety-nine, isn't it?

1 comment:

Nikki said...

Oh How Funny! I feel your pain. We have put off cowboy boots so that they are the FAVORITE shoe option. Kids have their own sense of style.