Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Lame List

1. Morning tantrums = lame
2. Starbucks lines = lame
3. Screwed up drink order = LAME (and that like never happens at the 'bucks, right?)
4. 170 ribbon-closure invitations to finish = lame lame lame (but oooooh sooooo pretty - take a peak...)

5. Non-functional wifi = super lame
6. Post office lines = lame
7. Mystery fatique-causing illness cropping up in the middle of extremely busy week = really really really lame

And now, the LOVELY list...

1. Forgetting the diet and getting a (corrected) rare and yummy iced mocha = lovely
2. Getting that large custom order I'm so proud of out the door = definitely lovely
3. Finishing the 170 ribbon-tie invitations and getting them ready to ship = lovely!
4. Two hours of virtually free childcare at my gym = soooooo lovely
5. Finally getting my Project Wonderful ad finished = lovely lovely lovely
6. Getting my AWESOME new laptop bag earlier than expected all the way from the land down under (thanks, glorydaze!) = beyond lovely

7. Having all my chores done, my daughter asleep, and finally having a chance to get to work on those new invitation designs.... love it, love it, love it, lovely.


Nikki said...

Great Lists! I'm so happy that you got your orders finished!
Do you want to come help me with mine?

H.E.Eigler said...

that laptop bag is lovely and so are your invites. 170 you say, you're freakin wonder woman!

High Desert Diva said...

Both lists made me smile