Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dear Kid Saturday (Just a Teensy Bit Late)

Just one day behind schedule this weekend. Not so bad, right? I've been doing so much writing lately that I've not spent much time playing with new stationery designs. Yesterday was aaaaaaaalll about designing. Look for pics later this week!

Welcome to this week's installment of "Dear Kid." As always, full credit to Christina of Cutest Kid Ever for the fabulous idea. Want to write a "Dear Kid" letter of your very own? Learn more about how to participate here.

Dear Sweetcheeks,

Yeah, yeah, I know - it's not nice to call you names, but I can't stop, so there! We're having a pretty fun weekend, huh? Last night we let you ride around the neighborhood on your Big Wheel until after dark while we trailed along behind on foot. Gonna have to get some bikes so we can keep up with you! It's fun to see you embracing the speed and freedom that goes along having your own set of wheels. We bought you the Big Wheel for your third birthday last August, but you weren't really able to ride it very well until recently (that pedaling skill is hard to master huh?). Now you can go up and down hills and ride waaaaaaaaaaaay out in front of us. From the way you giggle and squeal when you're really going fast, it's clear that you're having a blast. You do a great job of stopping at every corner and alleyway, and looking both ways before you go forward - I'm so proud of you. Pretty soon you won't even need me and Daddy along on your rides... but I'm not ready to think about that yet!

The Easter bunny brought you the "Tinkerbell" movie, so we naturally had to watch it Monday morning. You're really into trying to understand the message behind books and movies lately, so you told me how sad it was that Tinkerbell didn't want to be the type of fairy she was supposed to be. You said, "She should just be herself, right, Mom?" We had a great conversation about not trying to be something you're not. Now if only I can remember to break the "Tinkerbell" movie out when you're in high school...

You had your very first big-kid field trip with preschool on Tuesday to a local farm, and you were EXCITED about it. When I picked you up, I heard more about the ride on the school bus than anything else, but oh well. You did report to Daddy that sometimes animals mistake kids' fingers for carrots. Sounds like somebody in your class learned that lesson the hard way! Then Daddy pretended to be a goat and chased you around trying to nibble your carrot fingers while you screamed and giggled. You guys are super silly.

Both Wednesday and Thursday nights we got to take Big Wheel rides before dinner. Now that the weather's nice (before it gets crazy Texas hot anyway), this might be our new late afternoon ritual. We've been hitting the playground most days too, and you're able to do some amazing stuff this year! It's great to be able to get outside together again, and to do something that's good for our bodies. You tend to like activities that are more "thinky," like puzzles and pretend games. But it's important for us to remember to get our bodies moving every day and get the fresh air we need. Plus, with a little practice at climbing and riding, you get stronger and faster every day!

Your gymnastics class on Friday was fun as usual. You're very focused and a good listener, and you're making lots of big improvements. This summer, you're going to have a gymnastics day-camp a few days a week, and I can't wait to see how you like it. I always wanted to be good at gymnastics, but never was. So far, you have your Daddy's flexibility, so maybe you'll have his coordination too.

I love you so much, sweet girl. Can't wait to see what this week has in store for us.


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Christina Gleason @ Cutest Kid Ever said...

Pedaling really is hard! TJ and your daughter were born the same month, and he still has trouble with it.