Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dear Kid Saturday

Welcome to this week's installment of "Dear Kid." As always, full credit to Christina of Cutest Kid Ever for the fabulous idea. Want to write a "Dear Kid" letter of your very own? Learn more about how to participate here.

Dear Speed Racer,

Like the picture? This is the view I have most often of you these days. You are on the move! We had a nice week. It's warm outside now but not too hot, so we're able to run and ride and climb and play before summer hits and we get stuck inside.

Monday morning you arrived downstairs toting a plastic pith helmet filled with your stuffed puppies and singing me a good morning song. Lately you're pretty much singing all the time. You make up your own songs ("Rock Star Village" is my favorite) sometimes, and other times you just add words to classical music or change the words to another song. Even when you're not singing, you're humming - our very own little music box! Monday night you found a connect-the-dots puzzle in one of your books and did it all by yourself. I was really proud of you - it went all the way to 35. Nice job!

I got the giggles Tuesday after preschool when your teacher asked me if I had eight kids. Apparently you guys were making a family tree, and you insisted on adding your "seven brothers and sisters." Silly! I love it that you're such a good pretender, but it's important to tell grown-ups when you're just pretending, OK?

On Wednesday, we had a chance to play together for a long time. You made up lots of cool games like "monster cats," "campout on a boat on an island," and a great big "Mexican feast" for me and your puppies. It's really fun to just sit back and see where you go with your games. Those times are some of my favorite times together. Later, I taught you to play Uno. Little did I know it would become your favorite game. You picked it up really quickly, and were REALLY excited to skip me and make draw cards. We've played every day since!

Thursday we were all about arts and crafts. You made some secret Mother's Day stuff and drew some really awesome pictures of me and Daddy. I didn't even know I could drive a bus or conduct a train! You had a super great new song called "It's OK if You're Afraid of Bugs," and you made a really pretty painting that you said would be "very expensive." I don't think you have too much of a problem with self-esteem, my friend.

Friday you walked backwards on the balance beam for the first time at your gymnastics class - nice job! You had an ice cream date with your grandma and grandpa, which you absolutely loooooove. When Grandma Tiny came to pick you up, you took your Big Wheel, just in case you needed to "solve emergencies." Always be prepared, right?

I love you, sweet girl. Looking forward to another week of fun!


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Pretty Things said...

That picture reminds me of one I took of Zack on his first scooter, shoving off down the sidewalk and away from me, and I got teary thinking about how he really is growing and moving on. Which makes these Dear Kid Saturday posts such a wonderful idea -- to enjoy every single second!